Published Papers in Finance, Economics, and Psychology

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Partial List of Additional Working Papers and Works In Progress

Other (Non-Refereed) Publications

  • Stock Market Seasonalities: Anomalies or Rational? (with Mark Kamstra and Maurice Levi), FSR Forum (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), August 2005, 20-25.

  • Behavioural Finance: The Influence of Investor Behaviour, 2008, in The Finance Crisis and Rescue: What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned? (Rotman / UofT Press).

  • Weathering the Seasons: A Behavioural Perspective on Stock Market Ups and Downs, Dynamic Advisor, April 2008, 19-20.

  • Seasonal Variation in Depression and in Markets, 2012, Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation Journal (Anniversary Edition), 1, 1-2.

  • Human Psychology and Market Seasonality, Investor Behavior - The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing, 2014, H. Kent Baker and Victor Ricciardi (Eds.), Wiley.
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