Forthcoming Papers

  • Challenging the Iconography of Oppression in Marketing: Confronting Speciesism Through Art and Visual Culture, with J. Keri Cronin, Journal of Animal Ethics, forthcoming.

  • Human Stakeholders and the Use of Animals in Drug Development, with Ray Greek, Business and Society Review, forthcoming.

Published Papers

Partial List of Additional Working Papers and Works In Progress

Other (Non-Refereed) Publications

  • Stock Market Seasonalities: Anomalies or Rational? (with Mark Kamstra and Maurice Levi), FSR Forum (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), August 2005, 20-25.

  • Behavioural Finance: The Influence of Investor Behaviour, 2008, in The Finance Crisis and Rescue: What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned? (Rotman / UofT Press).

  • Weathering the Seasons: A Behavioural Perspective on Stock Market Ups and Downs, Dynamic Advisor, April 2008, 19-20.

  • Seasonal Variation in Depression and in Markets, 2012, Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation Journal (Anniversary Edition), 1, 1-2.

  • Human Psychology and Market Seasonality, Investor Behavior - The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing, 2014, H. Kent Baker and Victor Ricciardi (Eds.), Wiley.
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